Managing customer and sales data efficiently is critical for every business, so it requires all customer data and financial transactions to be accessible.

Integrating Salesforce and Xero can transform the invoice process through automation.

About Salesforce and Xero

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables businesses to manage all data related to customers and sales. Some key features are lead conversions and sales transactions.

Xero is accounting and finance software that helps businesses track all financial data. This includes all transactions related to customers and business processes.

Companies are experiencing great results when integrating Salesforce and Xero. It improves relationships with customers and improves sales and marketing performance.

Automate the Invoicing Process

Integrating Salesforce and Xero can enable businesses to automate the invoice process. Xero operates in real-time, syncing data to ensure the most current information is always available.

Creating an invoice directly from within Salesforce enables businesses to speed up their cash flow process and reduces any delays with having to communicate back and forth between the sales and finance teams. Both sales and finance teams are also able to track the status of invoices including those that are overdue, due, and paid teams to follow up more efficiently for faster payment collection.

Create Invoices from Custom Objects

Using an integration system between Salesforce and Xero allows businesses to automate the invoice creation process using objects. A user is able to create a number of tabs and objects in Salesforce, which allows the integration system to populate Xero data to Salesforce easily. This means that the user can view Xero data and objects in Salesforce by simply authenticating Xero from within the integration software. The user will then be able to access that Xero data in those tabs/objects within minutes.


Sales and finance teams need access to invoice information. Integrating Salesforce and Xero provides the necessary information to increase communication with team members and customers alike. Because the data is displayed in real-time, the most current information is available for reference at all times.

This integration creates a cohesive system. Invoices are generated and updated as data is entered, so everyone remains on the same page.

Companies like Hevo and Zapier offer some integration services, but Breadwinner provides a robust integration process designed to transform the invoice process and the entire business.