Have you bought cryptocurrencies? It is now important to find effective ways to protect your virtual currencies. There are many risk factors, but piracy remains the most common. You can use 3 ways to secure cryptocurrencies.

Leave your cryptos on an exchange

To find cryptocurrency, you have to go to different exchanges. It is therefore recommended to leave newly acquired cryptos on the platform. The solution will allow transactions to be carried out at any time. All you need to do is access your account to withdraw or transfer the virtual currencies. However, the solution makes the user more vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Rest assured, it is possible to improve the protection of your account with a new email address, a password of at least 12 characters and Google’s two-factor authentication function. The mail messages can be accompanied by Trojan horse to evade your passwords. Thus, the new email will be used especially for your Cryptocurrencies. 2FA two-factor authentication is a service offered by Google.

The Hot Wallet

The Hot Wallet is a method of securing your cryptos on a wallet or Wallet. The latter will store your virtual currencies on a computer. You can also use a phone or tablet. For information, there are several phones designed especially for this task. Example, Samsung s10 with its Wallet or Mycelium application. Wallets designed for a computer are also numerous. Example, Exodus or Jaxx. The Hot wallet consists of storing your private key on its various electronic devices.

The Cold Wallet

The Cold Wallet is considered to be the most reliable method for securing cryptocurrencies. It stores your private keys in a cold wallet or hardware wallet. Concretely, it is an online storage system invisible on the network. To access cryptocurrencies, it is mandatory to have your own cold wallet. User must grant authorization manually to complete a transaction. There are several physical wallets to help the user secure their crypto. Example, Trezor, Ledger or Coinplus …