Since their arrival on the market, mobile phones have become essential everyday tools. It allows their users to communicate with their loved ones and perform certain tasks. This device has grown in importance in human life, so much so that services to provide it have emerged.

The functions of mobile insurance

Mobile insurance is a solution that can reduce cell phone theft, reimburse repair costs or replace them. Thus, it is aimed at users who need to regularly handle a smartphone or any other device of the same type. It is especially suitable for people who prefer to rent mobile phones. Not being the owners, they must take care of it. In general, rental companies require that their products be returned to them in good condition. Where appropriate, sanctions are foreseen.

Aware of the concerns generated by incidents to which phones are exposed, insurers offer various coverage options to their users. These allow you to pay for repairs or replace the device. Among them is theft insurance. According to statistics, 175,000 people lose their phone every year, due to theft or lack of attention.

Generator failure insurance is another type of coverage offered by insurers. Frequent use and recharging eventually depletes the battery. The screen, the keys, as well as the sockets can deteriorate over time hence the existence of a related cover on the market.

Insurance offered by professionals

Mobile providers offer various offers to phone users. Bouygues Télécom provides them with an offer which covers repairs following oxidation or breakage and which enables the telephone to be replaced in the event of theft. It is available to customers who subscribe to the Sensation or B & You package, on request. SFR also offers insurance to owners and tenants of smartphones. It covers theft, oxidation and breakage issues. To subscribe to this formula, you have to go through the supplier’s customer area. Orange, for its part, has a cover which bears the name of “24 h mobile insurance”. It is used to insure accessories as well as other devices such as tablets.

However, there are some exceptional cases that mobile insurance cannot cover: loss of the phone due to lack of vigilance, technical malfunction, theft on the sly if the owner moves away from his device (distance of 2 m and plus), cosmetic problems (scratches, stains), as well as damage caused by viruses and improper handling.