The law established a right to a bank account for any person domiciled in France. But a bank can refuse to open an account without giving the reason.

How then to open a bank account? If the establishment refuses you to open an account, you must be given a certificate of refusal to open an account. This certificate must contain the mechanism and formalities for the right to the account.

In practice you have two solutions:

  • Either you go to the Banque de France with your certificate of refusal, to ask it to benefit from the right to the account. The bank of France will send you the necessary information by post
  • Or you ask the bank that refuses you to open the account to do the formalities with the Banque de France. The latter designates the bank agency where the account will be opened. Access to the banking service will be “basic”, without checkbook and without the possibility of overdraft.

You can always apply for another establishment, but do not forget the certificate of refusal to open an account.