Bitcoin is part of cryptocurrency or virtual currencies, an open source payment method used to buy or sell goods and services online. Like all cryptocurrency currencies, bitcoin is encoded by blockchain mining, can be purchased online on dedicated platforms, and stored in a virtual wallet.

Blockchain encoding

In order to generate bitcoins, or any other digital currency, blockchain or “blockchain” technology makes it possible to securely encode this virtual currency which will be exchanged online. The blockchain identifies all Bitcoin transactions and allows infallible traceability, thanks to the cryptographic means it uses.

How to buy bitcoins?

Like any currency, bitcoin is bought and sold, on a dedicated trading platform where a simple bank transfer will allow you to acquire it. The exchange rate of electronic money varies; thus the value of bitcoin changes regularly. If you want to buy bitcoins and feed your virtual wallet, you will need to know the price of bitcoin or use the services of a trader to make your transaction as smooth as possible. However, be careful with transaction fees, which in addition to the price of bitcoin, must be taken into account when trading.

A true financial revolution of the 21st century, bitcoin is an increasingly popular means of payment for online transactions. Privileged for its security and integrity, it is a dematerialized currency (no credit card or banknotes), stored in a virtual wallet (and not a bank account) which is experiencing significant growth and redefining the basics of modern finance.